Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moms Rule

Mother's Day is just around the corner.

It's time to celebrate mothers the world over. We nurture, we love, we care. We are connected. We have a voice; a voice that sings our babies lullabies, and whispers sweet hushes into our crying children's ears. This is the same voice that will speak loud to fiercely protect our babies, to stand up for injustice, to fight for our fellow mothers here and abroad.

This Mother's Day honor mothers everywhere by making your voice heard, and send your own mama a cyber shout out!

A bunch of amazing organizations have come together to co-create Mom's Rule, a place where we can pay tribute to our own mothers and make our voices heard, urging our leaders to honor the rights and needs of mothers everywhere.

Once on the Mom's Rule webpage, individuals can upload a photo of their mom/aunt/friend/an image into a Momsaic and say a couple of words about our mom/aunt/friend, send your mom/aunt/grandmother/friend a free e-card and send a message to Pres. Obama to prioritize the lives of mothers and children around the world and commit to fully funding maternal and child health programs.

This takes about one minute, and is such a beautiful thing. You have the choice of three beautiful cards (one of which displays mothers and babes from all over the world) that reads, "In honor of mothers and caregivers everywhere, I am sending a message to world leaders attending the G8 summit in Canada. I am asking for bold leadership to stop the preventable deaths of women and children around the world. For our generation and generations to come, now is the time to act boldly."

While you're over there, check out the amazing organizations that are part of Mom's Rule.

To all mothers everywhere, in spirited partnership!

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