Monday, May 31, 2010

a tribute on Memorial Day

31 May 2010

I didn't know him well.
He was a was a friend of my brother's.
I graduated with his brother,
their 3 sisters trailing behind in age.
He grew up just on the other side of the park.
His parents owned the hardware store in our tiny town.
He married his high school sweet heart
and settled down in that same tiny town.
I always remember him being kind, gentle, soft spoken.
He was in a terrible car crash just the other day,
with his two small children.
His infant son survived.
He and his 3 year old daughter did not.
His wife will likely never know it,
or feel it,
but my heart goes out to her, breaks for her.

I know these things happen every day.
Children die unjustly each day.
It breaks my heart.
There is just something, however, 
about someone you physically have known
leaving their body.
It makes it more real that we really can be
here today, gone tomorrow.
I almost never think that when I load up my kids in the car
that it will be the last time.
We cannot grasp when, how,
It is not our job, or within our capacity
to grasp it, 
but it is our nature to continue to ask, 
to seek.

While my prayers go out to this family
in my very Minnesota home town,
they also go out to all those 
I know not,
who are experiencing loss and grief.
May God wrap you in a loving embrace.

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