Friday, January 7, 2011

Six word Friday-Resolved

Resolution-deemed a dangerous word by me.
 Saying it means meaning it, yo.
Resolutions without actions become empty words,
that annoy even ourselves after awhile.
We mean so well, but discipline
is hard to come by sometimes.
If I say it out loud,
I want to follow through completely.

Does typing it equal saying it?

Ok, here I go, ready.....set....

I resolve to treat my body
like the temple that it is.
No more foods that knowingly harm.
Spending that cash, to nourish myself.
Exercise as a way to escape
the daily noise, worry and stress.
Intaking what truly nourishes these cells.

I resolve to grow and learn
from my mistakes, from my faults,
even if I can't overcome them.

I'll attempt being easier on myself.

I resolve to time for spirit
to fill me with awe, daily.

I resolve to have big faith
in the way things are going,
that good will come of it.

I resolve to let pain transform
into something that is worth it.

I resolve to turn my cheek
at other's little annoyances and faults,
but not at the many injustices
that plague our big, small world.

I resolve to vote with money,
and support what I believe in,
to bring awareness where I can
with integrity and a humble spirit, 

I resolve to softening this heart,
and finding compassion in hard times
where it's easier to find blame.

I will be who I am,
even if it makes some uncomfortable,
even if it makes me uncomfortable.

I resolve to give thanks, daily,
and use the gifts I'm given.
To use them only for good.
With good intentions, come good actions.

I resolve to stop comparing myself,
and my life to other people's.
My story is not your story,
and all of our stories matter.

I resolve to open, honest communication,
to try not taking things personally,
never be too proud to apologize
if I'm acting out of fear
rather than truth, love and acceptance.

I resolve to emptying my ego,
and filling my spiritual self instead.
This will not come so easily,
in this egocentric culture of ours,
but it's a battle worth fighting.

I resolve to loving without fear.
I will repeatedly attemp to anyway.

For more resolution, visit Melissa's blog.
Wishing you a blessed, joyous 2011. 


Sara said...

I don't think I have ever read such beautiful resolutions. Inspired.

2bdancing said...

Your story is not my story. But I love to hear you tell it. I second the first comment: beautifully inspired.

Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce said...

I agree with Sara. Wow! The fact that you can articulate such resolution is impressive. Something tells me that you are well on your way to achieving such feats!

melissa said...

Saying is meaning, meaning is doing.
You will be busy all year!

Tessa said...

Ladies....thank you so much.
I needed the inspiration to write some resolutions. I will tell myself these daily, as I'm sure there will be plenty of times I fail and will need to remind myself. xoxox

ayala said...

I agree with Sara and Molly-wow! To fail is human and to learn is a gift!As long as you keep growing.Happy New Year!

seekingzeal said...

A great set of resolutions!

melgallant said...

Those are all great resolutions...resolutions to grow as an individual and contribute positively to the lives of others. Lovely.

Dad said...

We should all have these very same resolutions, this would be a great world. I'm so proud of you!

kate said...

these are truly words of inspiration. thank you.

Kelly said...

this was wonderful. I could relate with so many things you listed. Some of which are to be easier on myself and to let pain transform into something that is worth it. Thank you

Heather said...

Your heart is so good.
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Heather of the EO said...

oh. that's me, the 'heather' up there. when I'm logged in to gmail it doesn't like to have me logged in to blogger. or something I don't understand :)