Friday, February 25, 2011

Six word Friday- Well

Wellness comes in so many forms.
Keeping myself well is a challenge,
especially with my many high expectations.
So blessed am I with health,
safety, warmth, food, shelter and love.
Still I fight for wellness, struggle.
My body and ego sometimes want,
want for things that are artificial,
not real sources of real wellness.
Wellness is a fight worth it,
worth going without, worth biting tongue,
worth striving for, worth opening to.
I tell myself I deserve wellness.
It's up to me to choose.

For more on well, go here.


2bdancing said...

Yes, wellness is a choice.And well worth choosing.♥

Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce said...

I always feel like I have two choices in any situation, to make it better or to make it worse. If I am reaching for wellness, then I am making it better, even if the wellness doesn't show up right away.

It's interesting what you say about artificial sources of wellness. Sometimes we get too dependent on external validation and forget to depend on ourselves for wellbeing.

Beautiful post!

seekingzeal said...

want for things that are artificial,
not real sources of real wellness

You mean like that chocolate covered chocolate chip granola bar I'll be having this afternoon? Well, I'll have another tangerine to offset!

kate said...

i love where this took me.
a reminder of what is important.
thank you for the heads-up!

ayala said...

Wellness is a good choice- I wish you wellness always!

melissa said...

Expectations: the bane of my existence.

Be well, my friend. Be well.

melgallant said...

Wellness is a choice. I wonder why it can be so hard to choose it sometimes. Especially when it is so obviously better for us to do so. I wonder what stops us.