Thursday, December 15, 2011


"It is burning of the heart I want; this burning which is everything, more precious than a worldly empire..." -Rumi

Passionate flames engulf this heart of mine.
Inspiration burns me up, making me want to sing praises!
Peace work/studies, Africa, dance, music, writing, connections, common threads,
Yes!-open the pathways for me to further evolve and explore!

Fear threatens to damper, and makes its visits, 
But Love overcomes. 
Faith overcomes.
 I can choose to overcome.
That never ceases to amaze me.
Joy, Love, Beauty-always at our fingertips.
Blessed are we!

War, greed, injustice, suffering,
Also have me burning.
Complacency, apathy, ignorance, and hatred
Can make me want to scream out loud.
Some are barely surviving, 
While others live with such unnecessary extravagance.
We murder, starve, steal from and humiliate one another. 
No human should have the right to do such things to another human.
Yet, our history is rampant with such things,
From the colonization of so many countries,
To the raping of all said countries resources,
The shaming of indigenous culture,
Exploitation taking from livelihoods that were once vibrant. 
This is happening still today
And it makes me want to plant my feet
Sturdy on the earth, and say
"NO!...this is not what we were made for.
We are loving beings, 
Capable of great things!"

I am burning for us to view each human
Through a compassionate lens,
To know that each human feels what we feel,
To see that the most evil of us,
Are often the most wounded of us.

I am burning for us all to put 
The kind of work into the world
That sets our hearts on fire. 
We have purpose.
God-given purpose. 

May these burning feelings in me
And in You,
Shed a warm glow,
A light,
Into the world!

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kelly said...

Sign me up! I love your message. Hope you are doing well.