Friday, December 16, 2011

The Most Precious Mirror

He dawdles....waiting until the last minute to do whatever it is he needs to be doing.
A dreamer, for sure, who can often be found living in another world in his mind.
A heart so big it hurts, compassion comes naturally to him.
He once stayed silent for 24 hours, and raised $100 for an organization raising awareness and funds toward ending the use of child soldiers in central Africa.
Another time, he went on and on and on about how he felt sorry 
for this teenager on Youtube,
who was trying to rap, and who sucked at it, and had gotten several 'thumbs down.'
He felt that perhaps the negative feedback would stifle the boys dreams 
of becoming a rapper,
and he was tormented over it, begging me to give a 'thumbs up.' 
He is sensitive to what others think of him, with feelings that are easily hurt. 
A melancholic soul, all too aware of the suffering in the world,
and a desire to put forth good deeds. 
He gave me some of his birthday money to send to Zimbabwe for school fees.
His plans and dreams are perhaps bigger than what seems realistic,
but it doesn't stop him from planning and dreaming.
His adventurous side can keep up with my own, and he is open to living abroad.
He is kind and gentle with children and elders.
He will shake your hand and look you in the eye when he meets you.
His teacher just told me of his natural ability to write. 
He can be hasty, doing a quick job over a good job. 
He is musically inclined, and can often play something by ear.
He is family oriented and relishes in spending time with extended familia.
He revels in the simple everyday miracles that nature provides,
often exclaiming how beautiful something is, 
like a sunset, or a garden, or a sweet newborn baby.
I am floored at the ways his spirit reflects my own 
and sometimes, especially when his behavior is driving me mad, 
I realize it is a mirror of my self,
I just have to laugh out loud. 
Elijah-what a gift he is to me and all those who are blessed to know him.


ayala said...

A beautiful tribute to a kind and deserving humanitarian. Very nice.

Heidi said...