Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Night Before Christmas (my version...)

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house condo
When I said "time for bed"
My creatures said "heck no."
I was falling asleep
Though stockings needed stuffed
That Guinness didn't help
Nor the spliff I'd just puffed.
I kept my eyes open just long enough
To stuff and stuff and stuff with fluff
Feeling thankful at least one son
Figured out the Santa bluff.
See, when they think it is Santa
They don't hold back
With no limits or price tags
Consuming is like crack
I want, I want, I want, I want...ack!

The holidays can suck,
As a poor single mama,
But to skip it all together
Would create too much drama.
So I try to stay centered
And focus my sight
On overcoming the darkness
On bringing the light.
The days, they get longer,
And my spirit gets stronger,
As I slowly overcome
My own personal warmonger,
Waging a war
Against my very own self
Who, without taking the steps,
Wants to reach the highest shelf.
These expectations I lay
They tend to be high,
As the time of transformation
Constantly draws nigh.
It's always in motion
Like the waves in the ocean
Stirring and churning
There's no special potion
To make it stop,
To make it good.
There is no "better"
There is no "should."
One day I'll stop telling myself so.
One day I'll know that I already know.
It's ok I have no material wealth to show.
It's ok the only bling is my soft inner glow.

My kids will survive
Without the iPhone five.
It's the non-material gems
That will cause us to thrive.
With a passionate anti-consumerist mother,
They will know all about the "other"...
Other people in the world
Other ways to celebrate
Other traditions to carry
That don't negate
The true meaning of these times.
We will read between the lines
And find that fruit
That hangs from our vines.

The radical spreader of love
Material wants
He freed himself of.
I know he wasn't really born on this day,
But his life is a beautiful truth of the way-
Of the way things can be
For you and for me.
Of societal pressure
We can be free.
Towards Divine guidance
We can faithfully flee.

So I'll say with conviction,
There's no wrong,
There's no right.
There's perception and intention
That does give flight
To decisions that are always a call
For love and for light.
And with that I say,
On this bittersweet day,
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night.

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ayala said...

Merry Christmas Tessa !