Friday, March 16, 2012

Six Word Friday-Spring

A time of new life emerges
From a time of cold darkness.
Shoots push up from hard earth.
Blossoms open from the tight buds.
Warm sunshine warms my weary soul,
Filling me with the soft light.

Many things come to a close.
Letting go is sometimes so hard.
The Lord gently whispers to me,
"Release, someday this will serve you."
And I trust through my sadness;
I trust through joy and pain.

Now I plant seeds of manifestation,
And wait to see which sprout.
The garden of my past lifetime
Is being put to rest, composted, 
Where it will feed the new,
Nourishing the soil, preparing for growth.

I look for You

I look for You, search for You
And I find You
In the orange hues that fall upon my bed at sunrise
In the wax and wane of the moon
The way she smiles at crescent
And peaks out, half full
The way she lights my way at her fullest

I see you
in the mountains
The way they stand strong through storms
Unwavering, beautiful, magical
And the river
The way it makes it through
those tight spots
Opening up once again
Calm, tumultuous, never stopping
Water following water
Through many cycles
Always finding it’s way back to the ocean

I see You
In the eye window to the soul
In the spark of inspiration
That shines out from the inside
I feel You
Infused in the sweet music
There, in the pain of lost love
Your breath in the wind
The wonder in the world
The warmth in my heart
The caress of a soul lover
In love, always there in love.